Sunday, January 24, 2010

Middle Sister's Weekend

Here's what I did this I did this weekend:
Friday: My sister Leah had a birthday party, so we didn't go to gymnastics. I have fun at gymnastics, but sometimes it does hurt a little. That means your body is getting stronger. I get to go to gymnastics two times this week - on Wednesday and Friday.

Saturday: Our family watched the last Shiloh movie. It's sort of like the book, but there are some different parts like when the criminals are trying to break into the store. The movie was a little scary because in the book you can't really see the scary parts, even though you can guess what they are in your head.

Sunday: After church our good friend, Japhy, came to play. When we had to drop her back off we played a really fun game in the car where we spend our time just talking. At first before we started our game we had the music turned up really loud!

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